ALL our 'Equestria Girls' material has been RESTORED!

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You thought I was going to give up that fast? NEVAH! Everything from the first movie to all their shorts, specials, etc. is back! I've decided to trust Openload this time 'round, let's hope it works well for a very long time. 

However, everything will only be available to download, not to watch online anymore. But, why? We've been recently struggling with copyright directly on the blog (yep, now Google has their eyes on this site) so I hope we can keep it up this way by direct download links instead of what we've been used to. If our links start to get removed again, we'll be making some changes around here in order to stay permanently and keep providing you with ponies every week. We are not giving up, I promise! /)

Back at the matter at hand... WE'RE BACK! (Kinda, we still need to restore EVERY season, which is going to be a truly hard work, but I’m already working on it 😉)

(Chicken Scoot will always be fun to watch 😆)

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